Tomorrow we are attending a funeral, someone I knew for a long time, he succummed to cancer and naturally his passing makes me stop and think about what life means to people. As a coach I sincerely believe that we get one chance to live authentically, this life. Whatever you believe in faith-wise I get that however for me it is THIS life that matters. You live according to what is the important to you, share time with people you really care about and indulge in the pleasures that make you feel wonderful and special. The gentleman who passed away had a simple yet rewarding life he enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren, his partner and he loved the horse races. I will remember him always having a radio ear piece stuck in his ear attentively listening to the current race. This was his absolute passion. Glad he got to enjoy it so much.

That is why it is never too late to really go for it, if you have a fear of something and wonder what it would be like, then you are preventing yourself from really discovering it fully.

You can only imagine it and feel that it is unattainable yet most people who achieve in life take risks and in risks you grow learn and explore. That is the natural progression of learning and being the best you can be for others to follow suit. Imagine what example you become to others if you pursue your passions and your goals.

Living a life consciously is a life with intent and purpose one with direction.

You have a sense of meaning in everything you do as it all ties in with your life’s purpose. If you want to work on this, contact your life coach and get your life moving in the direction you want. I know everything I do is connected to my loved ones and my community, sure I still have my ‘stuff’ to deal with we all do, it is just that I need to keep it in perspective to the bigger picture, that is what ultimately matters.

So tomorrow will be a sad day, yet also one to celebrate, the life of a man who enjoyed his time with us and has left a lasting legacy.