If you think that tattoos are modern-day symbols that we put up on our body to display our attitude and aggression than you are simply wrong. If you take a quick look into the history of tattoos you will find that they have existed even in times when the man had no language to communicate and it was through tattoos that they were able to identify and communicate their inner minds and feelings to the outside world. Though in modern days tattoos have become a style statement and people mostly put up a tattoo on themselves to show that they are following a global trend of fashion and art.

However, tattoos are not just a style statement, tattoos are symbolic and they speak about total control.

Tattoos show that the person is in complete control of his own life and body and that he or she has a particular personality that they are proud to display on their body parts. Today, you will find that there are thousands of tattoo artists wandering the streets of the city and some even have their own workshop where they design some of the world’s best tattoos with utmost care and affection.

Now that we are talking about some of the world’s best tattoo designs we can keep aside Harley Davidson tattoos.

Of course, this bike is no longer a bike, but a kind of community itself. You will find that Harley Davidson since its early days have caught the attention of millions of bikers, especially in the United States and that these bikers love to showcase their love for their bikes through Harley Davidson tattoos. If you are internet savvy you will find that there are more than hundred designs for Harley Davidson tattoos that display the muscular body and gigantic mechanical power that this bike is made up of.

Though, the most common Harley Davidson tattoo is the brand symbol of Harley Davidson, there are other versions of Harley Davidson tattoos that have been popular all over the US and Europe as well, same as Hindu Tattoos are for Asians. Harley Davidson tattoos that have a picture of a soaring bald eagle are also very common among the Harley Davidson bikers. Apart from the brand logo and bald eagle, Harley Davidson tattoos with skulls are also very popular because it really gives a new look to the overall design of the tattoo and shows off a deadly attitude of the person who is wearing this tattoo.

Apart from these kind of funky Harley Davidson tattoos people have made their own versions of Harley Davidson tattoos as well that represent some aspect of the bike like a galloping horse that represents that power of the bike, or a front tire that is engulfed in flame that shows the awesome speed at which the bike moves on the street. You may even find few Harley Davidson tattoos that display the exoskeleton of animals like bulls and dinosaurs that resemble the solid metal framework of the Harley Davidson bikes that has taken the biking experience to the next level.