We are often being told by the elders that as we grow older, we would end up regretting the tattoos that we find so cool. However we rarely pay heed to their words and not surprisingly end up having deep regrets for having gotten inked. Many surveys have showed that most of the people, especially teenagers get themselves tattooed only because their role model celebrity got themselves inked. However it proves to be a big mistake. People who got themselves tattooed just because they were imitating either a celebrity or a friend, usually are more likely to regret their tattoo than people who got inked just because they wanted to and followed their own heart. It does not come as a surprise, as a person following the crowd ends up in a problematic situation, more often than not.

There is one more reason that those following the celebrities, end up regretting their tattoos. The reason being that these role model (celebrities), who get themselves inked also end up regretting the tattoo most of the times. This is why a growing number of celebrities have also opted for tattoo removal recently. Let us take a look at the reasons for which these celebrities may regret a tattoo and prefer to get these tattoo removed.

Reasons for Celebrity Tattoo Removal

We usually end up regretting having a tattoo as we grow older because of maturity and the willingness to shed off the rebel image that may hinder your progress on the professional front. However the celebrities have an image to maintain. They get the tattoos to show out the rebellious side of their nature and create an image that appeals and attracts the wild crowd. So if the tattoo is beneficial to their image, why would they ever get it removed? Many a time it’s just to get a better and cooler tattoo to keep up with the times. However the major reason is because of breakup or Divorce. Most of the celebs find it romantic and fashionable to get the name of their girlfriend or partner tattooed on their body. However we know how quickly the relationship between the celebs breaks and how quickly they get divorced. If you are a celebrity with the name of your ex inked on your body even after breakup, how awkward would that be? So the only option you have in the end is to remove the tattoo. Let us take a look at some of the celebs who regretted getting a tattoo and had to remove it.

Famous examples of celebrities tattoo removal.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is without doubt one of the topmost actors in the Hollywood. Still even he ended up falling into the trap of getting the name of his girlfriend inked on his arm and later on regretted it after the breakup. He got the name of his then girlfriend Winona Ryder tattooed on his upper arm as “Winona Forever”. However after the breakup he regretted it and then got the tattoo makeover to remove the name partially.

Angelina Jolie

The world famous actress was initially married to Billy Bob. She then had got his name tattooed on her upper left arm. However in the year 2003, she got divorced and then soon she had the tattoo removed and replaced.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith had a tattoo of a heart and inside it was inscribed “Antonio”, the name of her then husband. After her divorce, however, she had the name removed from the tattoo and now only has the heart shaped tattoo with no name in it

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria got married to a basketball star in the year 2007 and had three tattoos inked on her body to mark the occasion. However, 2 years after they separated in the year 2010 and she had to get all her tattoos removed.


Hence, after knowing the story behind celebrities and their tattoo removal, it isn’t very difficult to realize that the motivations to get a tattoo inked and the reasons to get them removed for a celeb are totally different than that of any other person. Hence, imitating your role model and getting a tattoo inscribed is a sure-shot way of regretting it later on in life. However, if a person genuinely likes getting a tattoo inked, there should be no reason for not getting one. But one should take care not to make the same mistake as the celebs make, or else they too will end up having to remove their tattoo.